Window Blind Styles

Window Blinds

There are many different styles of blinds on the market, making it increasingly difficult to choose which type will be the best for your windows.


Often considered to be the classic “office” blinds, these have come along way from the plain white tin blinds of old.

Available in a massive choice of colours and designs, as well as with perforated louvers, offering shading without obscuring all the natural light.


Who doesn’t remember trying to encourage a roller blind to retract with a quick tug, only for it to end up fully unwound, refusing to wind up?

Advances in technology and manufacturing make those trials and tribulations a thing of the past. Modern roller blinds are much more reliable and useable.

Choose from retractable, spring loaded or loop chain operated. Or, see below for motorised options.


Vertical blinds suit certain types of windows, or long drops. Vertical blinds come with thinner material strips than panel blinds, and in a infinite choice of colours.


Roman blinds are a stylish classic blind. Roman blinds are folded material which retracts either by manual pull cord or motorised, cordless operation.


Conservatories require specialist blinds depending on the type and style of the conservatory. Either motorised or manual, slim, stylish, lightweight blinds offer the privacy and security you want without ruining the design of your interior.


Ideal for bathrooms and conservatories, pleated blinds are a stylish alternative to folding concertina blinds.


Panel blinds are larger versions of vertical blinds, and are ideal for full height windows and large glass areas.


With the introduction of smart homes and home automation, motorised blinds are becoming more and more popular. Voice operated blinds via Siri or Alexa offer a slick addition to your home.

New Style

New styles such a ‘vision’ blinds are very popular. A roller system adjusts blinds which are made up of clear and coloured or patterned strips. As the roller moves the blind up and down, light is adjusted as the strips overlap each other.


Blackout or ‘light reduction blinds’ offer the perfect solution for bedrooms as correctly installed they minimise daylight, creating a great sleeping environment.