Cleaning Services Islington

Cleaning Services Islington

Islington is a dynamic hub of domesic life within London. Finding reliable cleaning services in Islington can be a challenge. You want to know with confidence that people coming into your home are trustworthy and reliable too.

Flex cleaning services provide domestic and commercial cleaning services in Islington and greater London. In these difficult times, it has never been more important to maintain a strict cleaning regime to protect everyone from Covid infection and potential illness.

Surfaces are one of the main ways that Covid can spread from person to person. Communal areas, especially in apartment blocks can quickly spread the virus. This is why it is so important to disinfect communal areas and the surfaces that many people might touch such as door bells, light switches, door handles, grab rails, lifts and stairwells, etc.

If one person with Covid touches these surfaces, the virus can soon spread throughtout all the inhabitants of a building.

Breaking the chain of infection is critical to restricting the virus and how it spreads through the population.

Hands, Face, Space

If you maintain regular hand washing and disinfecting, try to avoid touching your face and maintain 2 metres space between you and others ten you will limit the opportunities for Covid to spread from person to person.

Quality cleaning of surfaces and communal areas will assisit greatly with this, killing the virus on surfaces before it has the chance to infect others.

Limiting risks to our health is important and you can do you bit to maintain good levels of health with an effective cleaning regime.

Regular disinfecting cleaning of all the surfaces and high traffic areas in your home will limit the risk of spreading Covid from person to person.

Choose for your domestic cleaning in Islington and take all the necessary precautions needed to stay safe and sound.

Window Blind Styles

Window Blinds

There are many different styles of blinds on the market, making it increasingly difficult to choose which type will be the best for your windows.


Often considered to be the classic “office” blinds, these have come along way from the plain white tin blinds of old.

Available in a massive choice of colours and designs, as well as with perforated louvers, offering shading without obscuring all the natural light.


Who doesn’t remember trying to encourage a roller blind to retract with a quick tug, only for it to end up fully unwound, refusing to wind up?

Advances in technology and manufacturing make those trials and tribulations a thing of the past. Modern roller blinds are much more reliable and useable.

Choose from retractable, spring loaded or loop chain operated. Or, see below for motorised options.


Vertical blinds suit certain types of windows, or long drops. Vertical blinds come with thinner material strips than panel blinds, and in a infinite choice of colours.


Roman blinds are a stylish classic blind. Roman blinds are folded material which retracts either by manual pull cord or motorised, cordless operation.


Conservatories require specialist blinds depending on the type and style of the conservatory. Either motorised or manual, slim, stylish, lightweight blinds offer the privacy and security you want without ruining the design of your interior.


Ideal for bathrooms and conservatories, pleated blinds are a stylish alternative to folding concertina blinds.


Panel blinds are larger versions of vertical blinds, and are ideal for full height windows and large glass areas.


With the introduction of smart homes and home automation, motorised blinds are becoming more and more popular. Voice operated blinds via Siri or Alexa offer a slick addition to your home.

New Style

New styles such a ‘vision’ blinds are very popular. A roller system adjusts blinds which are made up of clear and coloured or patterned strips. As the roller moves the blind up and down, light is adjusted as the strips overlap each other.


Blackout or ‘light reduction blinds’ offer the perfect solution for bedrooms as correctly installed they minimise daylight, creating a great sleeping environment.

10 Reasons Why Business networking Works

Business Networking

Business networking has long been a mainstayformain businesses, used as a method of consistently driving new business in a regular, consistent manner.

How and why networking works is not that complicated, it is based around the following 10 core elements;

1. Building Relationships

Life is all about relationships, and business is no exception. They say that it’s not what you know, but who you know and that is true. People do business with people. If you build positive relationships with your fellow networkers, you will increase your business.

2. Face to Face

Networking face to face with other business people, espeially local business people is a great way to become known in the area. Interacting face to face gives you an advantage over the modern trend for email only business deals which lack the personal bonds that make for long term growth.

3. Familiarity

If you attend a networking group regulalry, you become a familiar face, a trusted face and their expert in your particular niche. If you want to receive new business referrals from your fellow networkers, attend every meeting and become familar.

4. Personal Recommendations

Generally speaking, people recommend people, not companies. “Talk to John at XYZ Company, he’ll help”….. if you are the John then your business will boom.

5. The Law of Reciprocation

When other people in your networking group ask for an introduction, listen carefully and do what you can to assist them. You may not know the first 10 people they ask for, but one day you will and when you arrange that introduction for them, you will put into motion the law of reciprocation.

The law states that when you do something for someone, they will not only return the favour, but over half the time, will repay you with a bigger favour than the one you did them.

6. Consistency

Be consistent. In all your business dealings, especially when you are networking. As with most things in life, bad news will be half way round the world before good news has got his boots on, so be consistent…. consistently good and deliver on everything you say you will do.

7. Asking for Introductions

The power of business networking is in the introductions you can recieve.

In any given networking group, you will find a subgroup of businesses that while non competing, share a similar client base.

Your goal is to tap into the client base of similar businesses, and to become their recommended supplier of services (or goods).

If you don’t know who they might do business with (and you more than likely don’t), ask for business niche introductions.

8. Networking with Similar Businesses

Similar businesses have similar clicnts who will quite often be willing to listen to your pitch. If you can offer a superior service, lower prices or superior products, why wouldn’t they?

9. Demonstrate your Expertise

Networking is an opportunity to demonstarte your knowlwdge and expertise, use it.

10. Become “Their Guy”

In time, you will become the networking groups go to guy for your specific goods or services. When a few people have used you and recommend you then more will do so and before you know it you will have a regular stream of new business opportunities.

Next steps: Visit a reputable networking group, one of the leading weekly networking groups in Bedford and get to know your fellow members.

Secure Online Shopping

Online Shopping Securely

Shopping online is easy, browsing huge ranges of goods and services from this country and many others, without having to leave the house. The basis of shopping is the transfer of money and the receiving of the goods you want, and to do that you need to take care of what you are buying, who you are buying it from, and how you pay for it.

Your personal financial information is as good as currency to cyber criminals, and you should look after it as you would physical currency.

Buying from the big name retailers usually assures you of Continue reading Secure Online Shopping

Driving & Technology

Technology On The Move

In-car technology goes on from strength to strength in its ingenuity, providing evermore gadgets and innovations to enhance the driving experience, and increase perceived safety and information levels.

Touchscreens and visual readouts are all very well, but where, in the complexities of the car and driver, does the mobile, or more likely, smart phone fit in?

The rise in smart phone take up has been phenomenal, with a touchscreen technology that has only been available since Continue reading Driving & Technology

Backlinks Rule The Internet

SEO Backlinks Still Dominate SERPs

Do not listen to anyone telling you that backlinks no longer have any effect on search results. All search engines, including Google still count backlinks as a major ranking influencer, the only difference is that the measures used have changed over time.

Backlinks pass their characteristics to the sites that they link to, so if they are trustworthy and high authority, that will pass (or a percentage of it at least) to the linked to site.

On the flip side, backlinks from low quality, spam sites and dubious link networks will have a negative effect on any sites that are linked to.

A link needs to pass Continue reading Backlinks Rule The Internet