Backlinks Rule The Internet

SEO Backlinks Still Dominate SERPs

Do not listen to anyone telling you that backlinks no longer have any effect on search results. All search engines, including Google still count backlinks as a major ranking influencer, the only difference is that the measures used have changed over time.

Backlinks pass their characteristics to the sites that they link to, so if they are trustworthy and high authority, that will pass (or a percentage of it at least) to the linked to site.

On the flip side, backlinks from low quality, spam sites and dubious link networks will have a negative effect on any sites that are linked to.

A link needs to pass quality, trust, authority and relevance.


Is the backlink on a good quality page that is indexed by Google? If it isn’t then do not try to get a link from it.


Is the backlink on a server with an IP address that’s different to all your other links? If multiple sites link to you but are hosted on the same Class C IP, then search engines can easily identify those link sources as being a link network and you will be punished!


How powerful is the backlink page and the root domain? The higher the and scores for a page, the more benefit you will gain in SERP’s. Google PR is long dead, trust score is the metric you need to focus on.


Relevance is often misunderstood. It’s not just about getting a link from a themed website, or from themed content. The most important factor is to build relevant content backlinks from pages that pass ‘relevant category’ metrics to your site. Each page is given a category (based on DMOZ directory categories) that is determined by the strength of the categories of the backlinks pointing at that page.

These top quality links can be difficult to identify if you are not sure what you are looking for. SEO companies spend all day everyday crawling the internet, looking for ideal linking sources to help their clients. If you haven’t got the resources to build these links yourself, visit DeehoSEO SEO Backlinks & schedule a backlink building program to increase your rankings and drive more highly targeted traffic to your website.

This means that you can think you are creating a really valuable link from relevant content, but if that page has a lot of badly focused category links, it will pass non relevant category to your page, having no effect or even a negative impact on your SEO Рfind out how SEO works @ SEO³ Рor in some cases actually having a negative SEO effect.

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